Boulder Crest Foundation

Boulder Crest Foundation

You might have seen information about Boulder Crest Foundation come through the Discord server. You might have been like me, saying “Oh cool, another veteran support organization that helps vets and first responders with mental health struggles.”  You might have even donated or considered donating to the cause.

I figured I couldn't be the only one curious, so I pitched the idea of an interview.

What I ended up receiving was food for thought.

Most of what you hear from groups with similar missions is “You can get through this.”

What Mr. Joe Wood, the Vice President of Strategy and Operations, told me was a bit different: The Goal is to Thrive. Founded by veterans and having a staff stacked with veterans, they realized that most mental health efforts were attacking the problem too far downstream. They treated symptoms, with a goal of mere reduction. This leaves you in a state that Mr. Wood called a “diminished version of yourself."

(Mr. Joe Wood, VP Of Strategy and Ops)


Their thinking is that growth can come on the other side of trauma. They call it Posttraumatic Growth. And Mr. Wood is living proof. It helped save his life.

Attacking the root cause of trauma and coming out the other side capable of growth and thriving comes from a tried and true process, developed over many years. Warrior PATHH-Progressive and Alternative Training for Helping Heroes is a program that starts in person and lasts a lifetime, with connections and assistance at the touch of a finger. When someone leaves the in-person stage of the program and goes home, the results they have observed are drastic:

  1. New Possibilities are opened up to the individual.
  2. Deeper Relationships are achieved by allowing oneself to open up and avoid isolation.
  3. Recognition of the individual's true Personal Strength.
  4. A new Appreciation for Life.
  5. And Spiritual and Existential Change.

The tools one learns while there are not the only tools to which one has access. When one leaves, an app with information on subjects ranging from mental health support to physical fitness keeps you connected and engaged long after you leave.

These individuals set themselves apart in the space because they have been where you are. They are not “catch and release”. You have a lifetime of support waiting for you.

They have properties in Virginia and Arizona, and partner with non-profits in Washington, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, and Maine.

And the kicker? Very generous donations fund it, so these services (for the most part) come at no cost to you. Simply visit their website at and fill out the application. And if possible, consider donating to this great organization doing great work.

- RG l ItstheSquid

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