Celebrating Women’s History Month - Highlighting Purpski, our Community Director

Celebrating Women’s History Month - Highlighting Purpski, our Community Director

According to a Presidential Proclamation, March is designated Women’s History Month, which here within Regiment, we take very seriously! We have so many badass women within our community, it is very difficult to focus on just one, but we only have so much time.

This Women’s History Month, we are highlighting our Community Director, Purpski37, aka Alexia.

Now, if you have been in Regiment for more than one second, you have heard of, talked to or seen Purpksi doing something awesome for our community and that is why we are highlighting her. Her impact is so huge on this community and she cares so much, so here we go!

Purpksi served in the Marine Corps for three years, and took the job as a 6469, otherwise known as an advanced maintenance technician for the F/A-18 Hornet, which if you don’t know is a fighter jet.

Originally Purpksi tried to talk to an Army recruiter, but according to her it just wasn’t the right fit, and she loves a challenge. 

Purpski started gaming in 2011, playing a lot of Minecraft with her classmates until the Xbox 360 came out and she discovered her love for Call of Duty. Even with CoD and FPS’s being her go-to genre, Purpksi love trying all different types of genres of games.

“I have always been a casual gamer but would love to venture into the competitive side of things but since I am currently in college, I don’t think I would have the time to put into practicing and making myself better,” said Purpski.

Not only is Purpski busy with college, but in her spare time she is the Community Director for Regiment. 

“I started out as an Admin, and worked my way up to Administrative Director, '' said Purpksi. “ I love putting things together for the community and just making Regiment a safe place for everyone. Regiment has become a second home to me and I have met some amazing people who have become some of my greatest friends.”

When asked about taking this role as a woman and a female gamer, Purpski stated, “I think the best advice I can give to female gamers out there would be to just be yourself, and don’t let people talk down to you and make you stop participating in something you love to do.”

Purpski said that she couldn’t even begin to count how many times people have made her think of just selling everything and never playing video games again, but it is something she enjoys and she sees a future gaming with her family.

“I have met so many incredible people in the Call of Duty community and they make the games so much better,” continued Purpski. “But also, when it comes to military female gamers in leadership roles, be the best leader you can be. Look at your favorite leader, or even the worst one and be 100 times better than them.”

“Always be there for your Marines, Troops, Sailors and Airmen,” Purpski said. “Try to be the safe place they need so they know they have at least one person to talk to if [things] get bad. I think that was my saving grace while I was on active duty; having that one person. Be the person your junior enlisted looks up to and just work hard every day to show that you are in that leadership position because you deserve it.”

We all know Purpksi is right. We all have been in both sets of shoes where things are tough for you as a subordinate and things are tough from the leadership perspective, but if we listen to what Purpski has been through and learned, we can understand that it doesn’t have to stay that way; it can always get better.

Purpski followed up with, “you can set an amazing example for the leader who comes after you.”

Purpski ended our interview with “without Regiment, there is no telling where I would be. I know I would not be involved in Esports, which has always been my dream, and I would not have made such an impact on the veteran and active duty community. My goal is to help people to the best of my ability and each day I wake up looking forward to chatting with members and making sure that everyone in Regiment is taken care of.”

As you can see, it was an easy choice on who to recognize for our Women’s History Month article. Purpski has so much passion for this organization and has already done so much for our community.

Thank you Purpski, and thank you to all of our female Regiment members. From everyone here, we all agree that one month is not enough to show our appreciation.

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