Glorious Review: Model D 2, I 2, and O 2

Glorious Review: Model D 2, I 2, and O 2

Glorious Gaming is slowly but surely taking over the gaming peripheral space. In a business where even the boxes the devices come in seem to have RGB, the Glorious lineup of wireless mice has reached the pinnacle with the right amount of flash. These cars don't need all the chrome. The motors speak for themselves.

The newest contender to enter the ring is the Model D 2 Wireless. They went ahead and made it faster, lighter, and more precise. Not to mention upping the already impressive durability. It's using Glorious' proprietary switches, rated for 80 MILLION clicks. The ergonomic design adds comfort to the precision one gets with any Glorious product.  

It also features its own BAMF 2.0 sensor. The 26,000 DPI (that's 26,000 dots.... per inch) monster is sensitive. It also can track movement at a rate of 650 Inches per second, and if you need to stop and start on a dime, the 50G acceleration will make sure this thing does exactly what you need when you need it. It'll do it for a while as well, with 110 hours between charges on the 2.4 GHz dongle, and 210 running on the Bluetooth connection.  All of that in a 66-gram package, even lighter than its predecessor.

The wireless lineup doesn't stop with the latest and greatest, either. The Model O 2  Wireless boasts the same beefy features at a slightly beefier 68 grams. It also feels as leek as it looks, having a symmetrical, almost ambidextrous design if not for the buttons on the left meant for the thumb. 

And if you don't mind a slightly heavier mouse, the Model I 2 Wireless is a Swiss Army knife,  with a whopping 9 programmable buttons. And, let's be clear, the difference between the  Model O 2 Wireless and the Model I 2 Wireless is a total of 9 grams. These mice are as light as any wireless mouse I've ever held. 

Ultimately, Glorious offers a mouse for any hand size and gaming style. From the Glorious CORE software offering frequent firmware updates to the quality of the charging cable that comes in the box, the attention to detail Glorious puts into every product once again has them crossing the finish line first. So, take your pick, adjust your settings, and get ready to dominate the virtual battlefield with precision and style.

Make sure to use code REGIMENT at checkout if saving money is something you’re into.

-RG l itstheSquid

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