REGIMENT Has Re-Signed with GFUEL Energy for 2024

REGIMENT Has Re-Signed with GFUEL Energy for 2024

REGIMENT has re-signed with GFUEL for 2024. I look forward to some of our fan-favorite shaker restocks and our very own flavor! Every purchase using our code helps grow REGIMENT and its mission of empowering Veterans in this industry. Thank you for your support!


From the REGIMENT community, with the most heartfelt thank you for choosing us again for another year. I remember the first time hype sauce grazed my lips. An explosion of flavor flooded my mouth, the lemonade just tart enough to pucker, but then wait... What is this hint of razzberry coming in hot like an Apache helicopter bullying the sour away and replacing it with a mellow but inviting razzberry flavor that left me suckling on my lip and meowing like a kitten.  

But on a serious note, thank you for everything. GFUEL was the first sponsor to partner with Regiment. They were the first to believe in our mission; we are eternally grateful.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and appreciate all you have done to help our community on those long nights in the box, in the mountains, on staff duty, CQ and the long nights streaming.

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