Regiment Members Only Warzone Duo's Tournament Announced

Regiment Members Only Warzone Duo's Tournament Announced

     The Regiment will be hosting a member only Call of Duty Warzone Duo’s Tournament on March 27th at 1800 (6:00pm EST).  The prize pool is over $1,100 as well as winning some awesome Regiment merch and delicious Gfuel tubs!  The tournament will be multi-casted on the Regiment Twitch channel.  Regiment members TheyCallMeDocFMF and CanDoBoiler will have the call.  For more details and rules of the tournament, read below.


Saturday, March 27th at 1800 EST. Confirmed Regiment Duo teams will have 2 hours to play as many Warzone DUO matches as possible. At the conclusion of the 2 hours, the team captain must submit their teams TOP 3 MATCHES.

Point System:

Each kill is worth 1point. You must submit your TOP 3 highest kill games. The kills from all 3 games will be added up and the team with the most totaled points will be crowned as the victor.


  • 1st: $800 ($400 each via paypal)
  • 2nd: $300 ($150 each via paypal) & 2 GFuel Tubs (any flavor available on their website)
  • 3rd: 2 Regiment Shirts


  • BOTH members must be verified and on-boarded Regiment members. 
  • One member MUST be streaming during the tournament. We will have 2 commentators watching streams and broadcasting on the Regiment Twitch channel. Please abide by Twitch TOS.
  • You must properly sign-up for the Tournament on our Discord in the #registration channel.
  • Participants found smurfing / using alt-accounts will be banned immediately.
  • 6 k/d CAP enforced for teams. (This means both members K/D’s combined can’t exceed 6.0)
  • Proof must be a CLIP from Twitch w/ timestamp.
  • ALL GAMES MUST BE PLAYED ON DUO’S. You are not permitted to play trios, or quads for this event. All queuing must take place in the Duos matchmaking.
  • Scores/leaderboards to be submitted in Discord at the end of the event. (A channel will be made the day of the event)
  • In case of a tie, Regiment Staff will take match placements into account. If the match placements are identical as well, we will use damage as the tie breaker.
  • Please be in Regiment discord 15 mins prior to the tournament start to receive a short brief.

 If you are not a Regiment member and want to apply, you can go to the application form here.







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