Regiment Partners with Glorious Gaming!

Regiment Partners with Glorious Gaming!

REGIMENT is proud to announce our latest partnership with Glorious Gaming!

Based out of Dallas, Texas - Glorious is a lifestyle gaming hardware company, built by passionate enthusiasts on a mission to change the status quo of an industry that is in dire need of a shake-up. Glorious helps enthusiast & professional gamers ascend their ‘battlestation’ with the best quality gear possible and reasonable prices.

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"We believe that buying gaming gear shouldn’t be complicated. With a focus on form, function, and aesthetics, we painstakingly perfect each product we sell so our customers can be confident that every purchase is the right one. By embracing a philosophy of continuous improvement, we can keep all of our products at the forefront of technology without needing to offer a dizzying number of options."
Glorious Gaming 115 Capuchons de Touches GPBT - Profil Cherry, PBT Super  Durable, Look spectaculaire, Son supérieur, Police Originale, dispositions  : US - Nebula : InformatiqueA LIFESTYLE GAMING COMPANY

"For some gaming is a hobby, for others, it’s a way of life. To date, we've taken no outside investment and spend little on advertising. We've grown through the support of a rapidly growing community of enthusiasts & professionals who demand perfection and appreciate receiving the respect we give to them. But whether a casual hobbyist or e-sports pro, we want to provide every gamer the chance to play at the highest possible level. With millions around the world now part of the Glorious legion, we're well on our way to achieving our goal. Glorious is based in Dallas, Texas, USA."

REGIMENT's President, Brandon Hatfield, commented on the recent partnership:

"Regiment knows all about shaking up the industry and putting the scene on notice. Fueled by a burning desire to end veteran suicides, we have cultivated an ever-inspiring and fantastic community made up of people from every single walk of life who continue to push Regiment to reach new heights and demand us to be the best versions of ourselves.

Much like Glorious, Regiment is made up of passionate enthusiasts whose mission is to bring the power of gaming to veterans and to prevent the loss of veterans and service members to suicide. By banding together, we can ensure that our veterans and service members can access top-tier industry gear for their professional careers at affordable prices. Thank you for choosing us and helping us level the battlefield.

May we take this industry by storm. You are not alone; WE HAVE YOUR SIX!"

Brandon Hatfield
REGIMENT | President

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