REGIMENT x Gamer Advantage

REGIMENT x Gamer Advantage

Today we proudly announced our partnership with Gamer Advantage! We believe that health is wealth, and GA's mission is to promote good health so partnering with them was a no brainer. If you can invest THOUSANDS of dollars into your gaming set up, why won't you invest $70 in a pair of life changing glasses that'll reduce eye strain while gaming and also help you sleep better?!


Their glasses are not only affordable and cheaper than their competitors, Gamer Advantage glasses are built better. The frames are flexible so they’re comfortable under a headset for hours on end. The lenses aren’t yellow, so you’ll experience your games in full color. Plus, they’re the only glasses clinically proven to help you sleep better and literally increase natural melatonin production in your body


They don't just offer glasses, they offer fog away spray that can be used to multiple purposes, and they also have eye vitamins for sale! Their fog away is the number one best selling fog away on Amazon, so it definitely works!


Why choose Gamer Advantage Glasses?

✔   Clinically Proven Results (Improve Sleep, Reduce Glare, Headaches, Tired Eyes, and Digital Eyestrain)

✔   Virtually Clear Lens

✔   Blocks Sleep Disrupting Blue Light (455nm)

✔   Blue Light Protection Built Inside (Not a Coating)

✔   Double Sided Glare Reduction (AR Coating)

✔   Bendable Morph-Flex Frame for All Day Comfort Under Headsets

✔   100% UVA/UVB Protection

✔   High Impact Polycarbonate lenses  

✔   Optical Quality Lens

✔   See in True Color (No Color Distortion)

✔   Polarized Magnetic Sun Clip Included (2-in-1 Frame)

✔   Protection indoors and Out

✔   Extraordinarily Lightweight Frame

✔   Rubber Tip for Reduced Slipping

✔   Hydrophobic Coating (Repels Sweat and Fingerprints)

✔   Lens is Available in Non-Prescription, Readers, and Prescription (Reimbursed by insurance with your receipt)

✔   Safe for All Day Use  

✔   FREE Microfiber Pouch with purchase

✔   45-day Hassle Free Return or Exchange Policy

✔   Lifetime Warranty


Head on over to GAMER ADVANTAGE | The Best Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses – Gamer Advantage and use code REGIMENT, for 10% OFF your order!


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