Salute to Service- Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2022

Salute to Service- Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2022

Regiment is an organization that celebrates its heritage proudly. 

Our history of service is built upon the shoulders of great men and women who have served this country with professionalism, duty and selfless service.

It is our honor to celebrate the sacrifices of those that have served, serve and will serve to defend what this country stands for.

Each week, we will highlight great Americans and their actions to continue to solidify the foundation of everything that this country is built upon.

This week we are saluting the spouses of our Service Members.

Too often are the sacrifices and the unique type of dedication that it takes to be the spouse of a Service Member.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is set aside for us to recognize the spouses around the world who have the greatest impact on the lives of our Military Communities.

Whether you are on your regular rotation to the “box”, aka NTC, or you are preparing for deployment, the spouse is there to keep things in line at home so you can keep your eyes locked on the objective.

They are the ones who deal with our trauma when we get home, they are the ones who help take care of the wounds that are seen and unseen.

Military Spouses take the kids to school when there is an early work call. They change the diapers, cook the meals, and put the Christmas Tree up when we are gone. They plan the Bat Mitzvahs and house-train the new puppy. 

So, this week, and every week, let’s take a moment to appreciate those Spouses that really take the brunt of our Service.

Spouses, we salute you.

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