RG  Legendarysarge (ContentMgr)

RG Legendarysarge (ContentMgr)


“He’s incredibly hard-working, has a good heart, and is super creative with how the content side of things run. He’s always eager to learn and to teach.” 

-Whiskey, Content Director, Regiment

With a quote like that as a reference, it is hard not to have high expectations when preparing to speak to someone for the first time. Then we sat down to do the interview, and it quickly became apparent that LegendarySarge was exactly as advertised. 

In an interview meant to celebrate all he brings to Regiment, He said “I” three times. He has been with Regiment for 2.5 years. He mentioned bouncing around servers and communities, unable to find “the right mentality” until he ran across Regiment. He spends his evenings with Regiment, reviewing applications and helping to ensure that the content Regiment publishes continues moving in the right direction—evenings only, as he still serves in the Army. 

For the rest of the conversation, he used “we.”

We spoke about platforms. Sarge stressed how supportive Kick has been and continues to be. He was excited about a potential YouTube presence for the Task Force Regiment. He spoke of
The PS5 game giveaways are currently happening on the Regiment Kick channel. The excitement about what was going on and what was coming was evident. 

And finally, I asked if he had any advice for people wanting to do what he does. When it comes to judging content, he recommends looking for energy. “Energy is a metric you can’t track.” The biggest tip he has, though, whether for managing content or being involved with Regiment, is to “be selfless.”

You set an example in that regard, Sarge. Regiment thanks you for all you do and will continue to do. 

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