VGL Tournament Alert! Veteran Gaming League/American Legion/Red Cross $10K Halo Lan Tournament

VGL Tournament Alert! Veteran Gaming League/American Legion/Red Cross $10K Halo Lan Tournament

Attention to Orders!

The Veteran Gaming League is teaming up with The American Legion and The Red Cross to host a $10k Halo LAN tournament.

The tournament, scheduled for May 28th, 2022, will be located at Cyber City Esports in Gardena, CA.

Every team MUST have AT LEAST (1) U.S. Military Veteran or Service Member on their roster. Only 16 teams will be approved to play in this tournament. 

Team passes are FREE. Non-Military players / coaches must pay a $10 entrance fee at the door. (All players must be 18+)

Spectators are allowed and must pay a $10 fee. Spectators may be asked to hangout in the outdoors area due to venue limitation.

$10,000 Prize Pool

1st: $7,000

2nd: $2,000

3rd: $1,000

A message from our Red Cross Partners:

“Partnering up with [VGL] for Military Appreciation Month has been an incredible experience and we are excited to be connecting and collaborating with the military gaming community more closely. 

Both [VGL] and American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces share a common mission of overcoming the issues and challenges that service members and veterans face, connecting them to support networks and resources with the goal to help ensure that no one is left to feel alone, deserted, or weak. 

We hope this Halo LAN Charity Tournament is just the beginning of a beautiful community partnership with Regiment and the Veterans Gaming League to help not only veterans, service members, and their families but others in need through future events supporting blood drives and disaster relief efforts across the country and around the world.”

The Red Cross has been helping Service Members for more than 140 years and has been a part of every U.S. conflict since the Spanish-American War.

The Red Cross is not just a way to donate blood, and if you have ever received a Red Cross message while serving, you know that they are one of the best ways to help families communicate with their Service Members in times of need.

The Red Cross also helps in times of need and emergency with food, clothing and shelter, as well as referrals to counseling (mental, financial and legal. They have many resources that can meet the unique needs of the Military Community, past and present. They are also powered by volunteers.

The American Legion has a similar mission. 

“The American Legion is built on a promise from men and women who swore with their lives to defend and protect the United States through military service. The promise begins at enlistment, grows through training and discipline in the U.S. Armed Forces and continues after discharge, as veterans in service to community, state and nation.

In times of crisis, The American Legion steps into the turmoil and fights to provide needed assistance for others.”

Legionnaires are there to constantly remind communities and prosperity come with a price that is often paid in blood, according to their website.

The American Legion is here to enhance the well-being of America's Veterans, their families and the military, and our communities.

With the help of both of these communities, we are able to host this amazing event and we hope that everyone can go and support our partners, the American Legion and the Red Cross.

Thank you for your support.

To sign up for the tournament, click here or use the link below!

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