REGIMENT Partners with Grunt Style

REGIMENT Partners with Grunt Style

We’ve all seen the shirts. I’d be willing to bet many of us have at least one. Even if you do not, though, you need only bring up the website to get a feel for who Grunt Style is as a company. In true veteran fashion, they ride the line between irreverent and honorable. Many of their products have a unique way of making you both laugh and think. Come for the message on the front, stay for the message the logo on the sleeve represents.

Started by a former Army Drill Sergeant in Fort Benning, GA, they have become the go to shop for patriotic apparel. Period. You can’t say “patriotic apparel” without them coming to mind. Their growth is a testament to the passion with which they approach every move they make.

They don’t just talk the talk, either. Their track record of helping their fellow veterans and service members is long established. And they have receipts (more for tax purposes, I’m sure, but I bet they’d be willing to show you, too).

In the years since their inception, they have expanded, believing all those who serve deserve their support. They then attacked that idea with as much vigor as they do everything. They now have Red Line and Blue Line Collections, supporting first responders.

I’ve given you their record of serving those who serve, because they’ve earned the recognition. And Regiment is proud to be partnered with Grunt Style. The list of outlets to the communities they serve is a long one, from podcasts and community events to exclusive Club Grunt Style, with new products delivered monthly. Their sales pitch is one of the best I’ve seen. I literally got an email from them since I sat down to write this.

Club Grunt Style Stainless Steel Tumbler

The hard sell isn’t necessary. You had me at Freedom, Bacon, and Whiskey.

Go to the website. Use code REGIMENT at checkout. They’ll bet you a Beer Guarantee that you’ll be back.

- Written by: Timothy Brand

All Photos Courtesy of Grunt Style

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