“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…..”

Before there was a Roman Reigns to acknowledge; when John Cena was so young you could in fact still see him, there was Road Dogg. The epitome of tireless work ethic, he worked week in and week out, standing out in an era filled with people who are household names even today. 

With wrestling climbing into the stratosphere at the top of pop culture nowadays, I got curious about wrestlers who had served. Road Dogg’s name on that list did not surprise me in the least. 

Best known as a member of Degeneration X, Brian James was a symbol of the counterculture that wrestling was in his day. He and his friends in black and green were a thumb in the eye of authority. 

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But before all of that, he was a United States Marine.

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Between tours, he would perform in front of WCW and Smoky Mountain Wrestling crowds. Perform is the first word I hear when I hear his name. An underrated showman in an era of showmen, he had crowds eating out of his hands. It only got more noticeable when he joined the WWE (WWF at the time). 

It also did not surprise me to find out that he still puts on performances as the WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events. 

Thank you for your service, Brian. 

And if you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for ya…..


-RG l ItstheSquid

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