Salute to Service - Marine Sgt. Ikea Kaufman

Salute to Service - Marine Sgt. Ikea Kaufman

Marine Sergeant Ikea Kaufman

Regiment is an organization that celebrates its heritage proudly. 

Our history of service is built upon the shoulders of great men and women who have served this country with professionalism, duty and selfless service.

It is our honor to celebrate the sacrifices of those that have served, serve and will serve to defend what this country stands for.

Each week, we will highlight great Americans and their actions to continue to solidify the foundation of everything that this country is built upon.

The month of February marks the celebration of Black History Month. We are excited to highlight our Black Service Members during this month.

For this week's Salute to Service, Regiment would like to highlight Sgt. Ikea Kaufman, the first Black Female Drill Instructor to graduate from Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, San Diego.

According to the Marine Corps Base Quantico official Twitter account, “Sgt. Ikea Kaufman is one of three female drill instructors to graduate from Drill Instructor Course 1-21 at MCRD, San Diego, in Dec of 2020.”

The post continues to state that Sgt. Kaufman will be a part of the team that molds new recruits seeing the title of United States Marine.

Kaufman and the three other female Drill Instructors were the first females to graduate from the 100 year-old training facility.

The following February, the Kaufman  once again made history by joining in the training of the first gender-integrated company of Marine recruits in the depot’s history, since up till then, all female recruits were traditionally sent to Parris Island for boot camp. 

It takes strong individuals to be the first and to blaze that trail so others can follow.

Thank you, Sgt. Ikea Kaufman, and Regiment salutes you and your service.

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