Regiment does so many things, and has become a multifaceted organization, with something for every member, whether they game or not. What makes me proud to be a part of Regiment personally, though, is that the mission has never left anyone's mind at the top. All the fun we have is moving toward a goal, and that is the prevention of veteran suicide.

Though we wish we could defeat this enemy singlehandedly, it is a team effort. That is why we are proud to show our faces at the Warrior GMR Mental Health and Gaming Summit at Howard University in Washington, DC on 12-13 July.

If you are in the area or plan to be, don't hesitate to come. You'll be able to take in panels (featuring our own CEO Entxurage), an auction, and gaming tournaments. If Entxurage speaking in a panel is not enough to get you to show up, come cheer on our Valorant team as they try to win the in-house invitational as well. We look forward to seeing you there.

Need Tickets? No issue there. Use this not-so-super-secret link below:

Photo Courtesy of Joint Chief Of Staff (

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